The principals of Cansbridge believe entrepreneurship and the sense of adventure are inexorably intertwined. Born and raised in Asia, educated in Canada, and with a horizon that spans the globe, they created the Cansbridge Capital-Queen’s University Asia Summer Internship Program with William’s alma mater in 2011.

Cansbridge pays the qualifying student from Business and Engineering Schools a North-American scale wage so that they can intern with a suitable employer (who usually do not pay) in the field of their choice in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore or Japan. This program was enthusiastically supported by the Principal of the university and both Deans of the School of Business and Engineering.

The inaugural year saw 10 third-year students interning in Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong during the summer. These students located their own employers, arranged their housing, and had the experience of their lives:new language & culture, new friends, and new meaningful work experiences. One was offered a full-time employment after graduation.

“… what I experienced this summer was incomparable to working for any company if I was in Canada…” Sarah T.

“… It has been a phenomenal 8 weeks filled with unparalleled opportunities…” Jane W.

“… My internship in Hong Kong was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had…” Vivian L.

“… My internship lasted 2 months, but I wish it lasted the whole summer. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life… I will be starting my career with S. (A world-renown oil drilling company) next week… they were impressed with the international experience and I do not think I would have been offered the job without it.” Christopher B.

The students often work alongside fellow interns from other prestigious tier-1 universities in the US or Europe. The employers also had almost universal positive responses to the quality of the students’ work. It was a win-win-win situation

The principals of Cansbridge continue to support the program and are making arrangements to expand it to include the country of India, another fast-growing economy. 2012 will see more students traveling, learning and working in this most dynamic region.

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