William Yu

Managing Partner, Cansbridge Capital Corp

William has extensive experience in operations and investments in both public and private companies. He has helped investee companies either as their CFO or COO. Most recently, he took on those positions with Optoplex, an optical components company based in Fremont, CA during its 4-fold revenue growth phase. Prior to that, he was the CFO of Telos Technology, a soft-switch company based in Vancouver, B.C. where he engineered its sale to UTStarcom (Nasdaq:UTSI) . He was the co-founder and CFO of Intrinsyc Software (TSE:ICS), based in Vancouver during its formative years.

William was a co-founder, CFO and Director of Spring Creek Acquisition Corp., a SPAC subsequently merged with AutoChina (Nasdaq: AUTC). He also served as a Director to Optoplex, Intrinsyc, and Abebooks (sold to Amazon.com).

William was the Chair of Monte Jade (Western Canada) Association in 2003, and the Vice Chair of the Global Association in 2004-05; He is also Queen’s School of Business Global Advisory Council Member. He has a MBA and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.